Read what our riders are saying about us!

Jodi O.

I love Power Cycle! It has become almost daily for me to be in the studio doing something. The classes are fun, the people that I've met are great and the instructors really make it a fun time. And, at the end, after a great ride, they give you a very cold towel dipped in essential oils. What a great way to finish!!

Hannah D.

Friendly and enthusiastic instructors, great music, a well-structured ride, very nice bikes, and an all-around welcoming environment! My first class at PowerCycle only makes me want more!

Brandon M.

Great experience while visiting Lincoln. I received one free class on Tuesday and went back on Thursday again. Instructors were good, and the atmosphere was great!

Brenda W.

Stopped here while driving cross country and I was really impressed. I am Soul Cycle gal and this is a little more "fly wheel" so I was surprised that it was a little more challenging. Rena was our instructor and she was a gem. Great class and amazing attitude, my friend and I left Lincoln feeling like we made a few new friends!!!

Katherine C.

I love PowerCycle! The instructors are awesome, the music makes the classes fly by, and it's always a great work out. If you are trying to get healthier or just add variety to your work out routine, you should definitely check out PowerCycle.

Laurie C.

The experience at PowerCycle is premium; from the instructors to all the details of the studio.

Jessi C.

Sarah was our instructor and NAILED it! The best workout I've had in a long time but it went by fast thanks to Sarah and great music!

Lori M.

Very friendly Instructors and staff, great workouts, awesome facility!

Ashley C.

First time I've ever really enjoyed working out! Fun, friendly & helpful staff, and great atmosphere! Coffee in the mornings and cold towel at the end. AWESOME!

Nikki G.

Lincoln truly needed a place like this! The instructors are knowledgeable, helpful, and motivating. The atmosphere is perfect for the experienced rider as well as someone wanting to try cycling for the first time. PowerCycle always provides an awesome workout!

Kia H.

PowerCycle: to empower your body and your mind. This is exactly what PowerCycle does with an incredible group of instructors and amazing riders. When you walk into PC you will always feel welcome. There will always be someone to help you set up your bike and help guide you to your best possible ride.

Anna R.

My experience at PowerCycle has been nothing but great! As an inexperienced cycler, the community and instructors do a wonderful job of welcoming you and assisting in what you need to make it through the class confidently. Each instructor brings a different challenge and experience to their class, which is really refreshing and motivating. I would highly recommend this work out and boutique studio to anyone and everyone!

Kelly P.

The staff makes you feel respected and valued very fun and welcoming environment for those who are new or out of shape....its a place for everyone to find success.

Jerrod S.

I never thought I'd like it but it's a great place to go. My off days from lifting are now cycling days.

Amanda G.

An incredible beat based cycling experience! SO much fun!

Kristi J.

Great instructors with lots of enthusiasm! Wonderful Classes I'm obsessed!

Donna L.

I really enjoy this spin studio. The instructors are all so friendly and we really get our sweat on!!!

Mark D.
Lincoln Public Schools

I have been having a blast in June! The staff and members are all super friendly and make you feel welcome! The incentives and challenges have kept me motivated but it's the people that keep me coming back again and again! Thank you!

Mary D.

So much fun! The instructor and staff were super nice and welcoming- I had never done a cycling class before and they took time to show me how to adjust the bike and get to know me. I will definitely be attending class there again!

Brittany A
UNL Student

I had the opportunity to take one of Power Cycle's newest classes last night! It was my first ever studio cycling class, and my experience was nothing short of fun, challenging, motivating, and welcoming. The studio is gorgeous. I will definitely be making multiple appearances back in the studio in the near future!

Lauren A.
UNL Student

“The community at PowerCycle is fantastic!”