Rena Valentino

Three words that describe your class style:

Encouraging, challenging, empowering.

What do you love to do outside of PC?:

Traveling to the ocean or mountains whenever I can! Always running,cycling, swimming, yoga, and jumping rope [or anything else] with my daughter!

What makes your class unique?

I love how personalities come out when teaching, and mine is with my music selection and motivational cues that come to me throughout my class at certain times.

Favorite music artists:

So many various artists, but my top for working out would be Santigold, MIA, Iggy, Grouplove.

Favorite song to cycle to:

Most current fave is Robyn’s Cobrastyle – it’s one of those fun, fast out-of-the-saddle run songs!

Where are you from originally?

York, NE

Upcoming Classes: