Megan Gilbertson

Three words that describe your class style:

Encouraging, fast-paced and uplifting.

What do you love to do outside of PC?

I love time with my kids, being active and helping in their classes. Also cheering on Husker Basketball!

What makes your class unique?

My music–trying to find one new gem each class and my desire to make each individual know they are contributing!

Favorite song to cycle to:

Tie between “Messengers”, “Dog Days Are Over” and “Titanium”.¬†

Where are you from originally?

Lexington, Nebraska

Upcoming Classes:


07/21 - Sunday PowerBody 9:30AM Book


07/22 - Monday PowerBeats 9:30AM Book


07/24 - Wednesday PowerExpress: Lizzo vs. Andy Grammar (Theme) 5:30PM Book


07/25 - Thursday PowerExpress 5:30AM Book
07/25 - Thursday PowerRide 6:15PM Book