Cassidy Vineyard Pflanz


Three words that describe your class style:

Empowering, Energetic, Personable

What do you love to do outside of PC?:

I love to lift weights, swim, paddle board, wakeboard, rock climb, and teach yoga!

What makes your class unique?

I’ll give you a hot and sweaty ride. I will push you to your edge and pull you back before you fall off! Spin is not just about your body. It’s about your mind. I want to give you the courage to tackle a steep hill on and off the bike.

Favorite music artist:

It changes daily. Lately, Gwen Stefani.

Favorite song to cycle to:

Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith.

Where are you from originally?

North Platte, NE

Upcoming Classes:


09/20 - Friday PowerTone & Ride: Cardi B + Bruno Mars (Theme Ride) 5:30PM Book


09/21 - Saturday PowerRide: Girl Bands vs. Boy Bands 8:30AM Full
09/21 - Saturday PowerDefine (Barre) 7:15AM Full
09/21 - Saturday Birthday Celebration Ride (Private Event) 11:15AM Book


09/24 - Tuesday PowerExpress 5:30AM Book


09/25 - Wednesday PowerTone & Ride 9:30AM Book
09/25 - Wednesday Power30 6:30PM Book
09/25 - Wednesday PowerSuspension (TRX) 4:30PM Full


09/26 - Thursday PowerStrength 5:30PM Book


09/27 - Friday PowerTone & Ride 5:30PM Book