Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to get started?

First, WELCOME! Second, you would want to check our schedule to find a class and click “sign up.” From there, you will create an account to purchase your ride. New riders need to arrive at the studio 15-20 minutes prior to class start time to ensure a seamless sign-in and correct bike setup.

Are your classes for all levels? What if I can’t do everything?

Yes, our classes are for all levels. We design each and every class at PC to accommodate any body.

What types of classes are offered at PowerCycle?

All of our classes will motivate and energize you with an upbeat, fun and motivating workout. We believe a workout should empower your body and mind.


PowerBurn is a 60 minute class, starting with 10 minutes of core work, followed by 20 minutes of strength, and finishing with 30 minutes of spin! A full-body workout that will leave you feeling accomplished and wanting more. Core work will warm your body and prepare you for the demands of strength training (and everyday life). Tone, tighten, and build strength with our unique suspension training. Bring it all together with a heart pounding and sweat dripping spin class! As with all PC classes, this class is appropriate for all fitness levels.


A 50-minute high energy cycling experience! Our inspiring instructors will have you laughing and cheering while you step outside your comfort zone. This music motivated, beat based, drill focused ride adds up for one intense and exhilarating workout!


Looking for the full body experience? This is your ride! Our signature ride has the same high energy of PowerRide but with a twist! Five minutes of upper body work that will have you pulsing and burning. This ride will leave you wanting more and feeling that full-body burn.


Ready to dance on your bike? This 50-minute rhythm ride is an experience on the bike that is engaging, fun, and sweaty. You will tap-it-back, jump it out, and drop it down low for a unique full-body workout experience that will move you physically and emotionally.


PowerHybrid is our 50 minute fusion class: 30 heart pounding minutes on the bike and 20 burning minutes on the mat to strengthen. Our expertly trained instructors will guide you through a beat based ride. Then unclip for the second half’s core workout OR yoga. This class experience is suitable for all fitness levels. In fact, we welcome newbies with open arms!


PowerStrength is a 40 minute class that utilizes a suspension trainer to improve your total body strength, endurance, core stability, and flexibility. A suspension trainer is a fitness tool that combines gravity and your body weight. PowerStrength meets you right where you are in your fitness journey and takes you where you dream of going! Timed intervals makes this class friendly for all fitness levels and will keep you sweating and your muscles guessing.


PowerDefine is a barre-based workout that takes an athletic approach to the principles of ballet, pilates and yoga to achieve visible results. It’s more than your average barre class. Our barre class is beat based and music motivated. This 50-minute class will work your core, arms, thighs and glutes to the rhythm of the music to form a toned, fit and lean body.

When is the schedule released so I can sign up for a class?

We release the coming week’s schedule to book a bike for each class you want to register for on every Sunday evening at 5:00pm. You can always book throughout the week, but spots can fill up.

Do packages expire?

Yes. Regularly priced packages have these expirations: 20 pack – 1 year, 10 pack – 1 year, 5 pack – 6 months

How does the waitlist work?

When a class is full, we have 3 spots available on our waitlist. When you add yourself to the waitlist and a rider cancels, you will be notified that you are now registered for the class. You will not be automatically added to the class if it is within 2 hours of the start of the class time.


Life happens! We understand! We have a 2 hour cancellation window, so make sure to cancel prior to 2 hours before your booked class. Any cancellation or no shows within the 2 hour window is deemed a “late cancel”, that will result in a lost class (punch card members) OR $10 fee (unlimited members).

Why do you require cycling shoes?

We require that each rider clip in to our pedals using cycling shoes. Clipping in allows you utilize the full revolution of your pedal stroke and engage more of your muscles, which translates to a more effective workout. It also allows for a wider range of movement and increased safety.

Arriving late + leaving early

If you are a new rider, you want to arrive 15-20 minutes early for a proper introduction and bike setup. Our classes start promptly at the time they are scheduled and we don’t allow riders to interrupt the class once the door has closed and class begins. If you have to leave early, please communicate it to your instructor and the front desk staff so they are aware and set up your bike closest to the door for a quiet and non-disruptive exit.

Is there an age or height requirement to ride?

We have a liability waiver that must be signed by each individual over the age of 18, or if under the age of 18, then by a legal parent or guardian. For riders between ages 13-17, it is up to the discretion of the instructor if they believe the rider is suited for the class and in good physical condition for a class. If you have any questions, please contact the studio prior to the class.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer a $10 drop-in for new clients. We also promote various discounts frequently via our social media and email lists, so be sure to stay in the loop and keep an eye out!

Can I take a class if I’m pregnant?

If you have been physically active and exercising prior to pregnancy and cleared by your doctor to continue, then spinning is a great workout to stay in cardio shape throughout pregnancy – just remember to listen to your body and take it easy/make modifications when you need!

Do you provide childcare in the studio?

We do not provide childcare, but we have a great facility right across the parking lot from us that we partner with and they provide discounted rates for our riders! Check out KidsPark Lincoln for their drop-off childcare.

Private Events + Parties

YES! They are great for professional team-building or personal parties. Contact us at hello@powercyclestudio.com for inquiries.