Class Descriptions

PowerBurn (Our Signature Class)

PowerBurn is a 60 minute class, starting with 10 minutes of core work, followed by 20 minutes of strength, and finishing with 30 minutes of spin! A full-body workout that will leave you feeling accomplished and wanting more. Core work will warm your body and prepare you for the demands of strength training (and everyday life). Tone, tighten, and build strength with our unique suspension training. Bring it all together with a heart pounding and sweat dripping spin class! As with all PC classes, this class is appropriate for all fitness levels.


A 50-minute high energy cycling experience! Our inspiring instructors will have you laughing and cheering while you step outside your comfort zone. This music motivated, beat based, drill focused ride adds up for one intense and exhilarating workout!

Looking for the full body experience? This is your ride! This ride has the same high energy of PowerRide but with a twist! Five minutes of upper body work that will have you pulsing and burning. This ride will leave you wanting more and feeling that full-body burn.

Ready to dance on your bike? This 50-minute rhythm ride is an experience on the bike that is engaging, fun, and sweaty. You will tap-it-back, jump it out, and drop it down low for a unique full-body workout experience that will move you physically and emotionally.

Power30 eliminates all your workout excuses and gets down to business! This intensely sweaty 30 minute class will send your heart rate soaring. This class has everything you love about PowerRide: sprints, climbs, jumps, and tapbacks!


PowerDefine is a barre-based workout that takes an athletic approach to the principles of ballet, pilates and yoga to achieve visible results. It’s more than your average barre class. Our barre class is beat based and music motivated. This 50-minute class will work your core, arms, thighs and glutes to the rhythm of the music to form a toned, fit and lean body.


PowerStretch is our recovery class that combines three elements of self care: stretching, breath work, and mindfulness. Expect gentle yoga poses and long holds to stretch your muscles that work hard in cycling class and in life. You will feel relaxed and rejuvenated after 45 minutes on the mat with us!


PowerHybrid is our 50 minute fusion class: 30 heart pounding minutes on the bike and 20 burning minutes on the mat to strengthen and tone. Our expertly trained instructors will guide you through a beat based ride. Then unclip for the second half’s core workout OR yoga. This class experience is suitable for all fitness levels. In fact, we welcome newbies with open arms!


PowerStrength is a 40 minute class that utilizes a suspension trainer to improve your total body strength, endurance, core stability, and flexibility. A suspension trainer is a fitness tool that combines gravity and your body weight. PowerStrength meets you right where you are in your fitness journey and takes you where you dream of going! Timed intervals makes this class friendly for all fitness levels and will keep you sweating and your muscles guessing.