Let the music guide you, drive you and excite you! Our beat-based classes empower your body and mind for a unique fitness experience.



Founded in Lincoln, Nebraska, PowerCycle is a tight-knit fitness community, where everybody knows your name! Our class sizes are small so you will never get lost in the shuffle. We believe fitness is more than having great abs! It’s all encompassing: body, mind, heart. Through our cycling, strength, yoga, and barre workouts, we will support you in strengthening all three. Our expertly and extensively trained instructors will coach and motivate you from the minute you step foot through the door.

Nervous to give us a try? We guarantee your pants will fit better after working out with us only 4 times or we’ll buy you new pants! Leggings count as pants right? So what are you waiting for!? You have nothing to lose!

You can purchase classes, read up on all of our class styles, check out the schedule and get to know our instructors!


This is your time. This is your studio. This is your City.


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